An advanced human archetype….holy fool. A poly mythic character. A “be all you can be” protonaut. Homo sapians sentiens, evolutis, and polymath. An awakening intelligence. Of divine origin and companion of the divine feminine. A patron uncle to a hamlet-like family of volunteers living and sustaining themselves in a shirelike eco-homestead now becoming a botanical oasis. Social architect with wide ranging creative skillsets. A master of observation and listening. Multi-dinensional thinker, planner, and illustrator. Thinks of himself as a flexible being with clothing to launch two dozen working archetypes. An archive of four volumes of creative designs and over a hundred self produced videos on you tube that propel his design science schemes. A busy world level strategist for humanity and the optimimum future for us all. Author of seven books and major, future mythologies like the First Earth Battalion, The New Earth Army, think tank BRIGHTFORCE, Captain Planet, andThe Proto-world design center. His new mythologies embrace the inner earth civilizations and the origins of prime creators operating on Arcturus. His mentors are Bucky Fuller, Thomas Jefferson, Margaret Mead, Jim Henson, Krishna, Kathryn Hepburn, Gilda Radner and Warrior- Monks of many traditions. He is rapt that Jeff Bridges saw fit to roast him in a recent wake-up comedy called “Men who stare at goats”. He saw fit to be a strategic shaman for the U.S. Army and ten fortune 100 companies. He can influence millions with his omni-presence on the world-wide web, his choice for the next planetary governing system. He can call a thousand people close friends. He is waiting for our planet to fully accept its unity consciouness so he can offer his services to the galactic Federation of stars as a representative of Earth (Oceania …in star system Sol) with special skills in Social Architecture and human intimacy. He is a biologian and believes universe and consciousness play an awakening game together and divine creation and play are the ultimate drivers of LIFEFORCE.  When you meet Jim you will say …why he is so lovable and playful and he can dance!  That other stuff must be made up!  But then again he says everything is made up …and the best story wins.