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IN SOME BELIEF systems there are potent reasons why one’s ancestral inheritance has value. Often it lays out some constitutional fabric for the natural impulses and genetic assistance available in the matrix (OVER SOUL) and FAMILIAL STORIES and in that way therefor information that helps shape the prime intentions of the last person in line in this case Jim.

Here our archetype Jim has searched out just a few of the more discernible names and key characters using family lineage charts created by those so inclined in his recent family..

James (father) Elizabeth (mother)

Brooke (mother english)

Channon (father english)

These were labels to discover bloodline connections with planetary characters whose deeds spell out the primal tendencies that were available to Jim.

One player that surfaced 26 generations deep in Jim’s geneology search was Marcus Aurelius  (Mark Antony).  Jim has actually visited his home in Rome.  He represents the curious nature and discovery mind that has occupied Jim’s life as he like Marcus traveled to other cultures and brought sentient intelligence back to essentially soften the grip of the objective minds of the beaurocrats that hobbled the Roman empire and in Jim’s case the American Empire.

On his mother’s side Robert E. Lee of old virginia and commander of the confederate Armies was also tactical and very improvisational.   Jim is one who likes to create on the move and using his working memory created by map driven mental imagery and active scouting to make decisions. He is like general Lee who used his fast moving cavalry under Lighthorse Harry Lee.  Jim built the lightest and fastest vehicles the light infantry America has ever possessed.  Google “military dune buggies” and you will see his first prototype FAV fast attack vehicle that has now been copied by most of the armies of the world.

Also on his mother’s side there was George Rogers Clark who again was an explorer of the Northwest passage and a soldier and a diplomat of note.  His navigation skills akin to Jim’s capacity to build strategic maps for the largest corporations in the world were keen and kin.

On the father’s side there were the ship builders of Devon England who not only plumbed the high seas but created warehousing for building supplies.  This became the work of four generations of Channon men.  The ships left Devon and sailed up the Hudson to Chicago near where the three master Gracy Channon now rests beneath lake Michigan.  Meanwhile one of them Sir Henry “chips” Channon went back to England and became the first American to be elected to Parliament.  There he behaved very much like the Jim we recognize who was called  Americas first corporate shaman by FORTUNE magazine.  Sir Henry was a grand and elegant host and the wrote memoirs and other public correspondence that nudged and provoked Parliamental efficiencies.   He like Jim could be a most immaculate dresser.



Jim is not sure of the precise connection but William Shakespeare he believes fits in on the Brooke side.  Here the verbal inventor of thousands of new words created by “the bard” is very much followed by Jim who has created a dozen skills that have never been practiced and named them anew.  He has also produced 25 festivals with multiple players and been a master of story-telling and stage craft.  He has designed costumes unlike any previously seen and cartoons new characters and recreates masks to flavor the 30 odd verbal voices he has imbedded in his poly-ethnic mind.  Variety is in the template.

Remarks ...It may seem that no women were of interest here but as we all know about history ...women chose not to either write about themselves or other women.  In one of my most interesting channelings I was offered that I began my first incarnation on planet earth 39,000 years ago and most of the time I was a woman.    I have always kept and arranged beauty around me.  I am graceful in movement.  And cooking comes easy.  I have a wide range of sentient awarenesses.

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Birthed on a blue ray

A soul of Arcturus

Blood legend of Rome

Son of the sea dogs

and the Rajah of Sarawak

generals and mystics


on the sage wizards track

An actor, an artist,

A producer and poet

The fool thinks he's heir

To his very own planet

hammered to near madness

In the jungles of Anam

He's a soldier from hell

With a focus on heaven

His wives were pure native


Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 11.15.47 AM

And his lady a saint

The best of his dreams are

Now living in paint

Nigh nothin he won't do

and nothin he can't

So travel to the islands

To find him at home

On these acres of caneland

With a castle like home

He lives in a ships stern

All dressed in fine plans

With a theater of plantlife

great ponds and green banks

He can talk like a bunny

and growl like a bear


He acts kinda pompous

But he really does care

this tropical highlander

With his own special clan

That host of fine players

And no masterplan

They helped build this town

with a saucy saloon

Where he winks like a wildman

and sings outta tune

He's ragged on the poop deck

Of many a grand team

Where he etched out their future

With markers and dreams






"One subject that strikes me as important when looking at my roots is the thread or shall I say the rope that connects them all. I have been a member of voyaging societies since the first boat was crafted. Here is the USS Gracie Channon that now lies beneath lake Michigan.. My ancestors built a freighter with a powerhouse rigging that bespeaks of their ingenuity. It continues to this day. The voyager and the voyaging have always been at my core." - JC

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