JIM is the author, or chapter creator, or key subject in this list of books:


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Jim's body of work finds expression in many forms.  Here are some publications and periodicals he believes represents a balance of his work to date


Jim illustrated, edited and did the layout for the first pictorial history book about an American Army unit in Vietnam.  After seven months as an airborne infantry commander he then commander a combat photography platoon.  This compendium of combat experiences was issued to the members of the 173d Airborne Brigade upon the completion of their tour of duty.  Jim then narrated a one hour program for ABC scope hosted by Howard K. Smith.



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After scouting the new age frontier and a range of systems science models, Jim created a mythical unit for the U. S. Army called the First Earth Battalion.  Its purpose was to explore the frontier of soldier and team development out into the future.  Task Force Delta then reproduced his field manual for the Battalion and issued it to selected leaders in the army.  The manual can be reviewed on this website (see margin on home page).


(The Movie)  Thirteen years in development, this film proposal has been seen by many major studios and has inspired toy makers to create ecological forces in their product mix.  Currently it is being developed as a animated feature since so many of the concepts are easier to draw than to build.  Waiting for an international Eco-force?  Stay tuned!


Jim created a drawing book/video to teach advanced visual language to business people.  There are magical guides to creating people, ideas, platforms, and visual business plans all using fun examples.   Jim has done the visions for ten of the worlds largest 100 companies.   Jim proves that visual conventions produce language just like verbal conventions.   He can organize the two dozen most important corporate ideas in minutes using templates from this language.


Jim and his World Business Academy colleagues including Ken Blanchard and Willis Harmon produced a book wherein Jim describes the role of culture in producing the spiritual gasoline needed by todayâs businesses. He has synthesized fifty artifacts of culture and shows how they can be systematically used to honor company best practices and thereby encourage high performance. His ideas about corporate cathedral, adventure theater, and purposeful mythologies are highlighted.  Published by Sterling & Stone, Inc.


Millions of youngsters have seen one of Americaâs top rated syndicated cartoons ·.Captain Planet.  Jim created much of the back story and named most of the characters.  His patented "GO PLANET!" cheer actually heralds the arrival of this green haired Eco super-hero who is the product of the combined powers of five planetary kids.  Ecological consciousness is a normal part of modern life ·but it wasnât always so.  Available at video stores everywhere.


Jimâs work with corporations has been anything but standard consulting. His high-speed and very psychic illustrations, working the room with music and impromptu storytelling are traits often ascribed to shaman.   Fortune sees and reports on Jim in  that way.   Perhaps the only such character ever so identified.  Jim readily admits to his love for shamanistic technologies and sees them as a combination of heralding the good and exposing the bad.  October 8, 1990 edition.


Jim was brought in early by the first group of investigators looking at the "Face on Mars".  Working both as artist and anthropologist he identified ten credible reasons why a monument of this scale could and might have been built on the landscape in question.  This is only one of the books where his work is cited.  The jury is still out on this amazing structure.  Published by Chicago Review Press.


Jim invented the concepts now called natural security, conflict illumination, and combat of the collective conscience.   Here he describes the work of Task Force Delta, the army think tank, that rethought modern warfare.   Notice the U.S. Army  has engaged almost exclusively in peace-making operations since the Task Force days ending in 1981.   The army war college now owns and teaches the richest array of peace-making, peace-building and peace-keeping doctrine in the world.  Published by Jeremy P. Tarcher, Inc.


Jim and his daughter Brooke collaborated with Cathy Lee Crosby to reveal a way to uncover deeply held beliefs about the visionary potential of people.   Jim used his visioning tools to dig into the potential of Ms. Crosby.  Brooke did most of the editing and rewrite on this great self-help guide.  Jimâs approach can be reviewed in the navigators quest on the website Be prepared ·the questions take a lifetime of review to answer. Just for starters: "Who are you at essence ?" Published by Simon & Schuster.


Jim's adventures in social architecture are a way to see the creation of all things to support a level and type of being. We have been pointing our design work to functions.  Jim says lets go for our lives as human beings not human havings.   We have had a century of technical inventions lets go for a century of social inventions.  There are forty odd papers on this new technology.  A nice sample can be found at:  The School of Social Architecture at <>, click on school logo.


Jim has a say in the final chapter of this book.  The chapter heading is "You ainât seen nothin' yet!"   Here the future nature of the web is revealed as the global library of choice.  Jim explains the way electronic universities will emerge.   This is an extension of one of the most comprehensive information fusion strategies around.   Published by AMACOM, American Management Association.


This great litlle book by Dick Leider chronicles more of the great adventures with the Maasai.  Jim and Dick met in Maasai country on a special trek.  Dick here examines the lives of many people who have come to satisfying places in their lives and cites purpose as the key contributor.   Dick writes about Jim in that regard.  Published by Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc.


Jim once was a partner a company called Sportsmind.  Many members of that team went on to introduce very radical esoteric techologies to military units on specialized missions.  Warriors by Richard Heckler chronicles much of that work with the special forces.  Much of the content was described earlier in Jimâs field manual called evolutionary tactics.  Here we get a clear example of what the training was like, the political background and the real powerful results obtained.  Published by North Atlantic Books.


On the drawing boards is the social architecture to create a new society in the Pacific.  Jim and Betsy Bowen are assisting Hawaiian leaders to see and create whis new culture from the ground up.  No materials are available to the public, but seminars are planned for 2000 and 2001.


This delicious little book is full of water colors by Jim and Sim van der Ryn.  Sim organized an expedition to rebuild an ancient Navaho hogan destroyed over a hundred years ago in Canyon de Chelly in Arizona.  This is a micro report of the work, the ceremonies and the canyon itself.  Eventually available on this website.


This article for the Journal of the World Business Academy was a leader in introducing business people to Social Architecture.   Here Jim decribes how we can look at the patterns of development on the ground and in the time schedules of our daily lives and see just what it is our culture is doing.  He recommends blended footprints and more liesurely timeprints.   Speed kills cultures and it is a matter of choice.  Volume 8, Number 1, 1994.  Published by Berrett-Koehler Publishers.

Go Planet


Here Jim calls for the big move of the next century.  He reviews powerful ingredients in our global design and recommends a generation of leadership trained in Social Architecture to collectively shape our future world.  Again quality of life is the aim.  Gross national product is a piece·.but not the centerpiece.  Cultural tools again come to the forefront. AMAZON


This is a homespun autobiography.   It shows the nature of Jim's very well traveled life.   His growing pains appear with candor.  His love life is blunt but naïve.  His combat time is revealing.  The global explorations of this “wonderer”  are very interesting reading.  He is a mensch with a theatrical flair.  Jim has almost a hundred skills for which he can recieve a paycheck and made $5000 a day working for Fortune 100 companies where he was the leading strategic designer in the world.  His work was strategic visioning and he built the first templates for that skillset.

IMAGINATION  ….on the fly

Here Jim publishes a hundred pages of his mind streaking through the mediterranion with a journal and colored pencils.  He designs page after page of copy and art and templates that cover the logic for designing the next planet earth.   All the content fits the page in question flawlessly AND PROTOWORLD II appears.   He not only tracks the questions a potential designer might ask but includes quips about how his imagination running on twelve cylinders is really doing a half dozen mental gymnastics as he goes! A very entertaining ride.  The art is clever and well executed.   100 pages.  It can be downloaded in part from the web.  Sales expected to go through the roof.  Suport from Badger Claw publishers.


Here we have a compilation of ten of Jim's other books each being a chapter including some from the above list.   Jim tracks his life of service and explains what provoked the continuous way he raised the bar on his prototyping designs..  From rifle platoon to planet and even a shot at the realms of heaven.  Jim also says something about his other major portfolio books which were hand bound with leather and hardbound with natural Hawaiian wooden covers.  They include: Conceptual Design, Personal Biography, Media folders with video discs, and another volume of social architecture.


The most recent and significant book includes the bioassays concept which coalesces the ingredients for the optimum land development for human habitation.  It will be a film ….but a short book follows.