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And he can dance!

Jim’s greatest moments:

I recently found Jim Channon at his home on the eco-homestead he created in North Kohala. I had previously reviewed the accolades he has received in his most impressive life so far on what he would call “his” planet. I trust you can find your way around all the things that have been reported about his work … if you have a whole day free … just google him.

But, I wanted to know in a deeper sense what he thought were his most treasured accomplishments. So, I asked him that question. He insisted we go to his wifi garden and sit around the quaint little pond he himself created there surrounded by a wide variety of botanical beings. The way the wind sounded passing through them was something Jim insisted I attend to. He is a biologian after all.

Jim began first by describing the work he completed in his final years in the American Army. He told of shifting the focus of military education from a classroom base to a full simulation world. “I commanded five rifle platoons, he said, including combat time. I could easily see the pitfalls of talking about combat rather than experiencing it.” The military now has a hundred million dollar series of these real impact experiences that have made the American army the most effective force in the world.

Jim’s drawings led to that adventure with his concepts for the National Training Center in 1975. This, he explains, is a laser based force on force engagement course with an intelligent opponent and computer review of the results. There are now hundreds of these kinds of these realistic scenarios. The middle east version in Alabama, has seven tribes of indigenous players imported to make the civil military battlefield realistic.

Jim continued with his approach to save lives of our soldiers with a field manual, called Evolutionary tactics where he proposed the next army would work for the planet and use paranormal skills to stop the unnecessary collateral deaths of innocent civilians. This army would also employ its resources to recover the biosphere of planet earth. “People who are marginalized by the dying environment around them, poisonous water, and no hope in sight. They are the first to create war, he said. … they have nothing to lose. We have to fix that environment to stop war”.

“Several years ago, he remarked, trained over two hundred general officer candidates from eleven nations in a global exercise to employ military resources in support of a biospheric recovery operation, not unlike the Marshall plan after world war II that put the European continent back together. His websites are now full of options for other military forces that lead his worldwide audience to planetary solutions using military resources.

I asked him, “Well of all of that military time, what were the really moving highlights of the adventure for you?”

He revealed, “Well in terms of actual adventures, after retiring from the military, I secretly took the ‘Evolutionary Tactics’ field manual to the Russians, the Chinese, and the Cubans.” After all it was real evidence to them that the American army had created ideals and skills that looked directly at world peace and human excellence. It could ease their minds about opposing such a high minded set of ideals and get them interested in more of the same kind of thinking . he said.

“Could you give us some details of this adventure?” I offered.


He said he hitched a ride with a telempathy project team that went from California to the Soviet Union in 1983. They were a dozen psychic friends who connected with a dozen soviet counterparts as part of a citizen’s diplomacy effort attached to The Esalen Institute. While both governments looked on, these exchanges, actually proved that the transmission of images through time and space was possible using telepathy at a level beyond probability.

“But while there, I connected with Joseph Golden, a soviet who was doing the same global work on the soviet side. I snuck away for an evening with him and gave him a copy of the “Evolutionary tactics field manual”. I knew he would see the value of giving that to the Gorbachov leadership team. He has since died so I feel free to reveal his name. (photo attached).

Later, I got into China pretending to be part of a mountain climbing expedition and made a similar handoff, though I am not willing to name my contact for obvious reasons. Yet later, I went to Cuba and made another such handoff and have a book signed by Fidel that gives me confidence that he too got the message of soldiers working for planetary unity.

Although the field manual was an open source document printed by the war college it was made more real by the personal delivery through somewhat clandestine means. One of my special tactics is getting real things through the hairball of the modern media world. This is what got me started creating the rest of the many global operations now printed open source on my websites like <firstearthbattalion.org>. This final story I called Operation Secret Summit is my answer to your question about the most exciting aspects of my previous work.

“And another example Jim?” I continued.

Well, in my overlapping career as a strategic vision design consultant for Fortune 100 companies, I think the moment when Fortune magazine called me the first “Corporate Shaman” was a real highlight. I had created a signature process for extracting the dreams of corporate leadership teams and then graphically mapping them out “live” and then using a mask and using music to storytell their coming adventure with the energetic level needed to launch the effort. This to me was taking an ancient art and bringing it into the twenty-first century! It was hardly new age! But, it was necessary to get leaders beyond industrial mind.

“My view of the shaman he mused, is like the cultural medicine man who ceremonially credentials the highest purpose of any group. You know, I used this process with ten of the world’s hundred most successful companies and they never failed to answer the question I asked about their higher purpose. In fact you could see they were delighted to get to consult their spiritual side. So, its time to end the war with large firms who are simply trained to bring home the money needed to support the families who work for them. Big government is another matter.

Yes, Jim and one more example of the highlights of your interesting life ..please.

Well, my most recent work as a social architect has been likewise rewarding and directly meaningful because I am living inside one of the social land use prototypes I wanted to create and, by that I mean, a new social invention. I have three acres of land on a green hillside on a tropical island in the Pacific. I was interested to find out whether I could blend four major experiences in one piece of land. I wanted first, to create the highest experience of home, combined with a very efficient way to grow food, then adding the element of making enough money from a business, and finally all that being encased in the most verdant expression of paradise we could collectively assemble. There are a dozen lesser features I can add but that was the intent, to marry these four outcomes

The twenty years I have spent as a social architect, trying out different options has itself been an experiment that I have shared with a family of talented friends. The result is not yet perfected but what we do have together is really as close to paradise as I could imagine creating and living out as an extended family. The farm side of the work is the soul building element most people don’t get having a lesser contact with nature. Having customers come to my studio to vision their next most exciting venture is potent because they see almost instantly what’s possible! That’ a high. I call it staging the genius of others and it has been the key motto of my life’s work. It’s also something I can experienced everyday here at Artesia.

What’s next for you, Jim?

Well, getting a first class film out about this Mission:Paradise future idea is hot on my list!

Then, he added his signature cheer …. GO PLANET! Jim offered that to Ted Turner for his classic cartoon series Captain Planet.

He just returned from London (olympics in progress) where he did retrospective art show and full on positive planet strategy in the financial district where the cabal works ...they went away in a buzz.!!!!

I ended the interview with some photos of this magnificent oasis called Artesia.

Freelance writing and photo’s by Peter Beemer see peter.beemer@gmail.com


081 The Millenium Declaration
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The First Corporate Shaman... Fortune Magazine


Total exposure The range, scope, and breadth of experience in the millennium days We use the word broadminded but when do we talk about it in any detail?


Distinguishing the capacities of Jim Channon from others in the past is most clearly understood by knowing his broad based millennium2000 experience of life in it’s ….breadth, scope, and depth. For most people life is defined by the place one grew up, the courses studied in school, the number of friends one met from other places, and the nature of the challenges faced. In Jim’s life he learned to navigate in 50 cities. Spent 319 days in combat, has 7,000 friends on facebook, flew around the planet almost a hundred times in air miles, had over fifty loving and significant relationships, wrote 12 books, made 100 videos, painted and illustrated hundreds of ideas, built a botanical oasis with many buildings, and designed and taught a mythology that could right civilization from the clutches of war. That’s a tiny way of saying….. the planet herself was where he was born and raised.


The dimension I bear uniquely is scope. I can write mythologies for a planet and plan contingencies for its future in the galaxy because I have either been there or can haul out my well appointed imagination and see the elements at play in this global age. I often laugh that my brain was ….”just broke on big.” I can add the word scale here. And to expand the dimensionality of my experience I can add my more galactic connections beyond time and space.


I have over 75 skills for which he can receive a professional wage. This all can be understood as distinct from past characters in history because I am a character made possible by the global age I grew up in and that is the reason for this archive. It does not exclude my connection to the beyond either because that has always been an option for humans, I believe. I may be an unusual man with some unusual gifts but the difference here is that I was graced with both a planetary and cosmic exposure from my earliest days. That is the difference that makes a difference here and why this archive I dedicate to the future understanding of those who are yet to come. Becoming globally awake may be the grandest accomplishment of humanity ...I intend to help honor that understanding. For this reason I dedicate this archive to my children and my children's' children.


James Brooke Channon

April 2016

The island of Hawaii

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I entered the global age... My children will enter the galactic age....

And their children will ascend to the Grand Universe.


If one seeks the sacred.  It is without question enormously more glorious and benevolent

a journey than can be explained in any philosopher’s writing or principle of science.   We live in a place where earth awaits to become heaven.  A place where all have a chance to discover our already mystical human beingness while awakening to the very all of creation.  Put that in a formula or a principle?  A miraculous being in a majestic and seemingly endless all that is.

For us humans it is a stage where our living senses get chance to find love in all the right places. This is another way of describing life as a grand payoff that can be discovered with an earnest quest in the most  majestic and sentient field of discovery.  And we watch the evening news?  Its an insult to the very ground we stand upon and the rest of our awakening sensibilities.

Our journey is not an easily won victory!  It’s a test for the masters.   And, with each accepting moment, the arising capacity of our deepening soul is enriched.  As the soul then arises to its

More sufficient acceptance of the worthiness of this hero’s journey… another opening appears to the very majesty of this amazing amalgam for its most ardent discoverers.

All ingredients for this journey are inside.  They await the provocation of the continuously pesky playforce ...the angels and their kin, who never give up any final solution to gain the entrance to the ultimate.  As such the game continues with each waking day…. GOD willing.

Halleluya!  Dang! And a thousand cheers and with heartfull praise attending.  This grand dramedy continues!  It ferrets out all the small but determined resistance that lies inside our conscious makeup. It’s a persistent game where what is at stake is our own self-realization.

I rest in the deep understanding and beloved care of this host of hosts ...CREATION.

I seek and assume the very most awakening aspects of the God who created the experience of life on planet earth.  I seek as well the chance to bring these aspects into a new whole and thereby better feel the recognition of the magical journey therein.  I am a living part of this sacred journey in the endless accumulation of the all.  I feel empowered again and again when I approach the majesty of creation itself.

Meanwhile this MILLENNIUM MAN IS ALSO REFLECTING  between sets. Heaven is okay with us taking pauses to swallow the joy of our victories one bite at a time.  Always more to quest after.  Make sure there’s a generous amount of joy digested between journey’s.

I have done enough to make some notes for others.  That is elders work.. This may be true for many who may read this.  Heaven is a place where that contract is secure.  I know I have to this point served my planet well.  Well enough to represent them on a higher council.  I have achieved a very comfortable series of campaigns with the awakening all.   I care not what another man thinks ...for me I just have to look at my own deeds.  I don’t have to claim bragging rights I have my track record in tow.

On this day I can announce to universe that I have mastered many cultures and as such know many of the parts of an awakening planet.  I now have the most advanced degree that can be arranged by an ordinary consciousness on planet earth in ...that of doctor of ….awakening civilization.

I now can assemble dance forums, art forms, the food, the love, the artifacts, the architecture for a gathering of souls to experience joy as one pervading experience.

I can take my philosophy to the people using the world wide web.  There it will be received  according to its perceived value, articulated excellence, and sentient effect.

I presently live in a temple, I awake in a shrine, eat from my garden, host the many birds, sing to the trees, and I create stories of wonder for a wonderful planet while working in sacred  space painted with prayers.  I live with the pilgrims who were called here ...my beloved cohorts.  I am here.  I am clear.   I am enough.  Jai Ma … ascending at a groovy pace.  I am realized when I do things like write this.

This planet is in my awakened knowing … I can say I have arrived? …  did I pass the test of awakening self? ...Did what I created seem like heaven? ...yes!  Even for others ...yes!  PLANET HEAVEN ????   Yes ...why wait for something better when the option is right here.

I leave a trail of breadcrumbs as I go.   A new earth army ...a bioasis...social architecture… global strategies..plans for the galaxy to join us anon.  The archive grows.  And my deepest prayers for your self realization.  I bless you with the awakening presence of all being!  

I am

Jim Channon

May 2016